technical content Development

Are your customers aware of all the ways they can use your products, and how your products can help them overcome their obstacles? Do you have people dedicated to delivering the right content - instruction guides, labs, videos - helping your customers adopt your software, tools, and processes? And, do they have the time to create these resources?

We do. At Waypoint Ventures, we expertly help you understand your audience and determine what they need to understand your story. We match the best-suited delivery format—words, videos, activities, print or digital—with easy-to-understand and effective language. Look at what we’ve done:

  • Online learning and virtual classroom development and delivery

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Case studies and white papers

  • Skill-transfer workshops and activity-oriented learning

  • Embedded, context-sensitive help files and software manuals

We also have just the people for the job. Our certified team of writers, instructional designers, and graphic artists don't just document, they adapt communications to your voice so that your content is accurate and helpful to your audience. Our team makes complex concepts easy to understand in print, audio, and video, and in multiple languages for worldwide audiences. 

Technical copy Editing

Like our writers, Waypoint editors adopt your organization’s voice. Whether it's playful or professional, flowery or succinct, our editors integrate the tone of voice that you have chosen, with the technical details necessary to communicate with your customers. Moreover, enterprises such as Microsoft appreciate our editors’ eye for consistency standards. We’re pretty sure you will too.

Our team of editors is not only fluent in world-recognized style guides, but they also can develop published standards across all of your content. They work lock-step with our team of writers, graphic artists, and instructional designers to put the final touch on your critical content.  

release management

Our clients turn to us to publish on-demand courses for their customers. Once we receive all the components of the course our dedicated team ensures content is accessible to all audiences. They report words, images, and gestures that may be offensive to a wide range of cultures, and they verify that all necessary permissions are in place for publishing.

Our well-rounded expertise means we're better able to guide and educate our customers from start to finish on content development. We've navigated many pain points for our customers over the years - choosing form factors, accessibility software, permissions - so that we can ensure a smooth and predictable development and publication path.


Waypoint’s specialty? We’ve worked with the same principle talent for many years, and we have a knack for assembling and directing great teams.

Waypoint’s project managers bring experiences from a variety of disciplines:

  • Technical & educational content development

  • Software

  • Telecommunications

  • Release management

  • Video production

Our project management experience and the diversity of our staff have prepared us for your next project.

At Waypoint, we utilize a proactive form of project management. We communicate succinctly with our stakeholders to ensure that our teams clearly understand their responsibilities, deliverables, and schedule. We look ahead for potential problems and roadblocks. We look for issues that could become risks, and risks that could become obstacles.  This multi-focused approach minimizes roadblocks and paves the way for your project’s success.

We can pair project management with technical content development, or apply it a la carte on projects requiring a range of expertise, from project administration through consulting. Get in touch with us to see how we can help your organization.


Meet some of our exceptional team members


Recent Certifications

Dana LeTourneau, one of Waypoint's talented Project Managers, recently achieved his Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. Congratulations Dana!