Be the partner of choice for companies that share our core values – especially those that place a high value on learning content and project management.


Assist our clients in all phases of technical content development and project management while improving process, teamwork, and outcomes.

Core Values

Collaboration ~ The best ideas evolve in open and moderated forums

Excellence ~ Build the right team for each client's project

Accountability ~ Every team member owns 100 percent of the outcome

Integrity ~ Intellectual honesty and candor are prerequisites to delivering an excellent project

Presence~ Work-life presence fuels innovation and top-notch deliverables

Performance ~ Teams deliver superior results when goals and priorities are clear

Samantha Haney, Partner

Samantha Haney, Partner

samantha G. haney

Founder of Waypoint Ventures, Samantha Haney has led the company since 2002. Samantha has more than a decade of experience managing projects for Fortune 500 companies and emerging Pacific Northwest firms. Samantha’s technical strengths include release and compliance services, Microsoft Project and Project Online, Office 365 administration, and SharePoint. Before working in technology, Samantha worked as a staff and freelance journalist for newspapers across the Pacific Northwest.

“I’m still always finding the story – of our clients, our talent, and our projects. Turning over every rock is a cornerstone of how I manage projects.” --Samantha Haney

Meg Olsen, Partner

Meg Olsen, Partner

Meg Olsen

Meg has spent more than 25 years in the tech sector, and half of that time at Microsoft. She built a reputation for directing complex global initiatives in business analysis, software development and deployment, customer-feedback process development, and courseware production.

"Don’t just make room at the table – make the table a place where people want to be. This is the common cord that weaves through my life and work. I remove obstacles, hold up mirrors, change the rules, find talent, fill gaps, and listen. I am drawn to projects where I can build community by marshalling the resources and talent at hand. In the 25+ years I have spent in the software industry as a project manager, program manager, managing editor, or business analyst, my greatest satisfaction – and success – has always come from being that catalyst." --Meg Olsen

Danica Richard, Partner

Danica Richard, Partner

Danica Richard

Danica has more than 20 years of Project Management experience in diversified fields, including financial institutions, call centers, major credit card corporations and business and communication application groups.  Along with her PMP certification she is a Microsoft Certified Professional in Project Server 2013 and Microsoft Project 2013. 

“Treat people the way you want to be treated. That’s what I believe and what I strive to do with everyone I associate with – in a corporate environment or in my personal life. My philosophy is it’s ok to have fun at work – after all, we spend more waking hours at work than we do at home. Why not enjoy it? Enjoying what you do
does not negate doing it well. I’m proud of the way Waypoint Ventures treats their customers, employees and contractors. Our long term relationships are proof that our approach is successful.” --Danica Richard